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It Took Bernie Sanders 30 Seconds To Completely Destroy Donald Trump And The GOP On Syria Strike


It Took Bernie Sanders 30 Seconds To Completely Destroy Donald Trump And The GOP On Syria Strike

During an interview on Meet The Press Sunday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) turned the tables on president Donald Trump and his Republican allies, warning that “instead of spending more money on the war in the Middle East, they should be helping the middle class and rebuilding America.”

The Vermont Senator put his finger on the most pressing issues affecting Americans and blasted president Trump and congressional Republicans for ignoring them.

“We’ve got to be clear about what our goals are and not do it unilaterally […] also, may I say that when we have a collapsing middle class and 28 million people without health insurance, and an infrastructure that needs a trillion dollars of repair, that maybe we don’t want to throw trillions of dollars more into perpetual, unending warfare in the Middle East.”

As he continues his fight for social justice, Sen. Sanders is showing America the difference between a real deal public servant who cares about the middle class and a pretender who conned his way to the White House.

During the presidential campaign, Trump promised to keep America out of wars and to fix America’s infrastructure. However, Trump has decided that spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars in the failed Yemen raid and most recently in the worthless Syria attack is a better idea.

Of course, Trump is trying to change the narrative from the FBI investigation into the possible collusion between his campaign and Russia to help him win the election.

Watch Se. Sander’s interview in the video below:

This is why Trump is going to be a gigantic anchor around the necks of the Republican Party in 2018 and beyond.

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