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‘It’s All Your Fault!’ Trump Lashes Out At Giuliani As Mueller Goes After Don Jr

Donald Trump is reportedly infuriated at his attorney Rudy Giuliani and is blaming him for putting Donald Trump Jr. in legal jeopardy.

Vanity Fair’s Gabriel Sherman spoke with a source “close to the Trump family” who claimed that Trump is angry at Giuliani for not taking up the job as Attorney General when he had the chance and leaving the job to Jeff Sessions.

Trump believes that if Giuliani would’ve taken the job as Attorney General he wouldn’t have recused himself like Sessions did and Giuliani could have kept the president safe.

According to the insider, Trump is particularly furious at Giuliani because special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is now switching focus towards the president’s son, who set up the infamous Trump Tower meeting with Russian government officials to get dirt on then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“A lot of what Trump is doing is based on the fact [that] Mueller is going after Don Jr.,” the source said. “They’re squeezing Don Jr. right now.”

According to the source, Trump is growing worried that his own White House counsel Don McGahn might be secretly ratting him out.

“Over the weekend, Jared Kushner described Trump’s mood as ‘rip-shit,’ according to one of the advisers,” Sherman writes. “‘Total meltdown’ was how another adviser put it. ‘He’s extremely frustrated,’ a Republican close to the White House said.”

Trump reportedly screamed at Giuliani over the weekend out of frustration.

Trump loudly said to his lawyer: “It’s your fault! I offered you attorney general, but you insisted on being secretary of state. Had I picked you none of this would be happening.”

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