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Jake Tapper Demolishes NRA’s Dana Loesch After She Tried Discrediting CNN

CNN’s Jake Tapper took it upon himself to fact-check NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch on Tuesday after she claimed that the network didn’t cover hero officer who confronted Maryland school shooter.

The NRA released a video propaganda claiming that neither CNN nor MSNBC have covered the school resource officer who ended a school shooting at Great Mills High School.

“We won’t see any stories on CNN, on MSNBC, on any of those talking head circuits about this hero, this [Great Mills High School] armed resource officer, who did the opposite of what Scot Peterson did…what Broward Sheriff did…what [Broward Superintendent] Robert Runcie did,” Loesch claimed.

Those claims were quickly proven to be false by Tapper who proved Loesch wrong.

Tapper included this link in his tweet:

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