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Jared Kushner Just Begged Russia To Help Trump Win 2020 Election

Did White House adviser Jared Kushner just ask the Russian government to interfere in the U.S. election again to help Donald Trump win? It appears so.

On Monday, CNN analyst Samantha Vinograd noticed that during a live TV interview, Kushner claimed that if Russia were to contact him about a possible helping hand that he would not inform the FBI about those contacts.

“Jared Kushner just put a ‘for sale’ sign on his forehead in his interview,” she said. “He’s on television saying he may not call the FBI if a hostile foreign power contacts him! That sends a message to Russia and any foreign actor: Jared Kushner may be open for business as part of the 2020 campaign cycle.”

Vinograd then went on to say that Kushner could no longer claim to be naive and inexperienced at operating in political campaigns as he was during Trump’s 2016 run.

“As a security clearance holder, if a hostile foreign power emails you, you have to contact the FBI,” she added.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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