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Jeff Sessions May Go To Jail — ‘He Broke The Law’, Ethics Lawyer Says


Jeff Sessions May Go To Jail — ‘He Broke The Law’, Ethics Lawyer Says

Donald Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Session is accused of lying to Congress under oath about conversations with the Russia ambassador after explosive revelations confirming that “he had several contacts with Russian operatives during the 2016 elections” surfaced Wednesday.

According to the The Washington Post, Sessions spoke to the Russian ambassador twice last year but denied the conversations in his confirmation hearings.

A law professor who served as the White House ethics lawyer under former President George W. Bush slammed Sessions over the report that he lied to Congress about his communications with Russia.

“If the report is true, it’s a good way to go to jail,” tweeted Richard Painter, who served as White House ethics lawyer between 2005 and 2007 and is now law professor for the University of Minnesota.


Sessions is not the only Trump official to be accused of colluding with the Russian government. Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned last month following reports that he spoke to the Russian ambassador about sanctions before Trump took office.

Other current and former Trump staffers accused of similar ethics violations include Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen, former campaign chief Paul Manafort and former adviser Roger Stone.

Adding to the drama, The New York Times reported on Wednesday that, in the last days of the Obama administration, White House officials worked tirelessly to preserve a wealth of evidence about contacts between Trump’s associates and Russian officials so it can later be available to U.S. intelligence agencies.

This is an unfortunate turn of event for a man who loves to throw people in jail. Now he may end up in jail himself.

You’ve got to love Karma.

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