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Internet Is Abuzz As Jeffrey Epstein’s Suicide Takes a Suspicious Turn

With Donald Trump’s Jeffrey Epstein scandal getting uglier by the day, news that the convicted pedophile committed suicide in his Lower Manhattan jail cell on Saturday morning has experts wondering how a prisoner on suicide watch could hang himself undetected, and the internet noticed.

Needless to say, many speculated — and rightly so — that more than a few rich and powerful men likely breathed a sigh of relief that the jet-setting millionaire would not come to trial or work out a plea deal that could involve names not already mentioned.

“It doesn’t really matter now if Epstein was killed or was simply given the opportunity to kill himself. None of us believe this isn’t suspicious as hell but we can’t do anything about it, and the people responsible know it,” one commenter speculated on Twitter.

And that was the general tenor across the internet.

“So- Epstein is dead. There will be no trial. No more big reveals. No justice for victims,” Mia Farrow tweeted.

“Jeffrey Epstein died in William Barr’s custody. No bizarre theory changes that one inescapable fact,” another user wrote.

Take a look at some of the comments:

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