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Revealed: Trump Evicted a U.S. Veteran For Having a Therapy Dog

During the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump claimed that he wants to support US veterans, and this Memorial Day, he’ll probably give a speech of some kind.

Trump, nevertheless, is shockingly moving forward with his cruel budget plans that will hurt older vets, privatize the VA, and will even take funding from Disabled Vietnam Vets:

“There are always hard decisions that have to be made,” VA Secretary David Shulkin said following a House Veterans’ Affairs Committee budget hearing on Wednesday.

“Sometimes that means you have to adjust current programs to support the growth of other benefits. That’s what we’re seeing here,” he added.

“I don’t think we can continue to only expand services and not look at the ones we are delivering … I think people can understand paying veterans who are above age 80 unemployment benefits isn’t what makes sense to the average American.”

How’s that for a happy Memorial Day?

But Trump’s mistreatment of U.S. Veterans is not new. According to court documents revealed by Scott Dworkin, Trump, as a landlord, filed an “eviction lawsuit” against an army veteran because he had a therapy dog.

The tenant, described as a “United States Army combat veteran of Afghanistan and Kosovo” had a “psychiatric disability that substantially limits one or more of his major life activities,” and got a therapy dog at the advisement of his psychiatrist and primary care physician – Trump sued him over the dog.

Dworkin posted the court documents on Twitter to remind everyone of what kind of person Trump is:

The reality is, like education, food stamps, healthcare for children, and government housing, veteran affairs doesn’t make money but rather spends it. And to Trump and the Republicans, this is considered an “entitlement” – a right to benefits. If Trump strips veterans of this entitlement, he is simply saying the men and women who serve our country at the highest level don’t deserve this right.

Let Trump know your feelings about his treatment of U.S. Veterans in the comments section below.

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