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Jim Acosta Trolls Trump As His New Request Is To ‘Paint The Wall,’ Not Build It

Donald Trump went from “Mexico will pay for the wall” to “let’s just paint the wall that already exists.”

As Trump gets ready to deliver his State of the Union address, many are wondering if the wall will be one of his big talking points. (He did shut the government down for 35 days after not getting funds for his wall.)

Trump started off being adamant about his wall. He first said that Mexico would pay for a concrete border wall from the Pacific Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico.

But Mexico refused to pay for his wall.

So then he tried to build a steel-slat fence, but Congress refused to pay for his fence.

Now, Trump is reportedly preoccupied with painting existing sections of the border fence.

According to CNN, Trump is not happy with the way the border looks right now and wants to change it by painting it.

“Trump, according to the adviser, said he doesn’t like the way it looks, noting there is some graffiti on that section of the border fencing,” CNN reported. “The source had said Trump didn’t like the graffiti that was showing up on that section of the wall.”

Even CNN’s Jim Acosta trolled Trump over his change of mind.

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