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Jim Jordan Has Mental Breakdown Over Pelosi’s Refusal To Give Trump His Border Wall

Republican Congressman Jim Jordan is having a mental breakdown over the fact that Democrats are not giving into President Donald Trump’s demands on the border wall he had promised voters Mexico would pay for and that the Republican Congress refused to fund while in power for two years. He’s also fuming because Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi disinvited President Donald Trump from delivering his State of the Union address to Congress on January 29 because of the ongoing government shutdown.

In response, Jordan (R-OH) went on Fox News Wednesday to rage and blame Democrats for Trump’s mess.

“The Democrats won’t negotiate with the president,” said Jordan, his voice rising. “He asked them to come talk yesterday. They said no. What did we just [learn]? That the Speaker of the House is thinking about not inviting the Commander-in-Chief, the President of the United States, to come and deliver the State of the Union address.”

Jordan said that he thinks Democrats will cave to Trump’s demands.

“Until they start focusing on the country and not just on stopping the president, I don’t know how you can reach an agreement with these folks,” he said. “Hopefully that’s going to change. I think we are starting to see signs of that. A number of House Democrats who won in tight races in formerly Republican-held districts, they are starting to say, we do need to get something done. One member said she would vote for dollars for a barrier, dollars for a wall. I think we are starting to see that happen. That’s only going to change it.”

Jordan then cooked out the math that would not get the wall funded, saying that “eight to 10 Democrats” are “upset with their leadership.”

“They are more concerned with stopping the president at all costs and not helping the country,” Jordan said.


This man is delusional!

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