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Jimmy Kimmel Brilliantly Trolls Trump During Segment With US Women’s Soccer Players

On Thursday night, Jimmy Kimmel trolled President Donald Trump by giving 5,000 chicken nuggets to the US women’s soccer players since they won’t go to the White House

During an interview with USWNT co-captains Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan Kimmel surprised the players with their own personal White House-ready feast — hundreds of McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets — after one member of the team said that she would not attend a visit hosted by President Trump.

Trump, a famous fan of fast food, has taken to serving it to champion sports teams, such as the Clemson football squad in January, when they make their traditional White House visit.

“So, President Trump … Megan you quite famously now said you’re not interested in visiting the White House. He said he was going to invite you guys to the White House. He hasn’t invited you to the White House yet. I’m guessing you won’t go to the White House if he does invite you, unless he asks really nicely,” Kimmel said.

“But I also don’t want to cheat you out of the experience of going to the White House, so we’ve prepared something special for you,” Kimmel added, before revealing a mock White House backdrop behind a mountain of 5,000 McNuggets.

Two actors dressed as Secret Service agents were also standing by with trays full of various dipping sauces.

“And I’m going to tell you something…if you really are the champions we know you are, the three of us will eat all of these before the night is done.”

“Every last one!” Rapinoe pledged, jokingly.

The women’s team made history earlier this month, becoming the first team to win four World Cup titles after defeating the Netherlands in the World Cup final.

The USWNT is not the first to spurn a White House visit under Trump. The president rescinded invitations to the NBA’s Golden State Warriors and the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles in recent years after players on each team criticized him or indicated they did not plan to attend.

Watch the video below.

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