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Jodie Foster Torches Donald Trump: ‘We Will Not Tolerate An Assault On Our Democracy’

Addressing a large crowd at a Los Angeles rally, Actress and director Jodie Foster slammed Donald Trump and his administration, telling the audience that Trump’s assault on our democracy “will not be tolerated.”

“We know that the first attack on democracy is an assault on free expression, civil liberties and this relentless war on the truth, ” Foster told the crowd. “And sadly, it’s too familiar because history repeats itself.”

Jody Foster

Jody Foster speaks at a LA rally. Photo: Video frame / Youtube

“So you’re going to remember where you were today and what you did,” Foster told the crowd. “It doesn’t matter where you born, who you voted for. … All the colors in the identity rainbow — this is our time to resist. It is the time to show up and demand answers. It’s all of us trying to tell our elected officials to do their job.”

“We will not tolerate chaos and ineptitude,” she declared. “This is our time to resist.”

The rally was sponsored by Hollywood’s United Talent Agency in lieu of their traditional pre-Oscars bash to hammer at newly-elected President Trump, with actor Michael J. Fox among others joining in.

Watch the video below:

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