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Joe Biden Just Spoke About His Future Move On Hot Mic

Joe Biden is one of the most beloved vice presidents in U.S. history. His compassion, selflessness and devotion to our country has made him one of the most popular vice presidents as well. Many of wonder what he will do after leaving office.

Biden was recently caught on a hot mic speaking about his next move. He says that he wants to continue his work on the Cancer Moonshot with the National Cancer Institute after he leaves office. He also said that he would be working at the University of Pennsylvania while using “the Biden Trust.”

“It’s not so much about raising money or philanthropy, though there will be some of that, but it’s more about keeping these guys cooperating and changing the culture,” Biden said at the Capitol.

While working as the vice president of this country, Biden spent a lot of time helping with cancer research. In fact he was the most visible advocate for cancer research in the world.

In May of 2015 Biden lost his son Beau to brain cancer. Which many believed it was why he decided no to run for president. Biden confirmed this suspicion on CNN when he said, “I didn’t run for one simple overarching reason. My son was dying and he died.”

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