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Joe Biden Just Unleashed His Fury On Betsy DeVos


Joe Biden Just Unleashed His Fury On Betsy DeVos

Former Vice President Joe Biden did not hold back on words when asked about Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos in a recent interview with Teen Vogue.

Vera Papisova of Teen Vogue asked the former VP about his thoughts on Devos and how she handled Title IX protections.

Title IX prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in educational institutions or programs that receive federal funding.

Biden stated that DeVos is sending a “frightening message” to students and parents by refusing to affirm during her confirmation hearing that she would uphold a 2011 Title IX guidance “as it relates to sexual assault on campus.”

“It bothers me most if Secretary DeVos is going to really dumb down Title IX enforcement,” Biden said.

“The real message, the real frightening message you’re going to send out is, our culture says it’s OK. You know, the major reason why women drop out of college when they’re a freshman is because of sexual assault. Not their grades, sexual assault. And so, it would be devastating,” he added.

Biden went on to say that if DeVos doesn’t enforce Title IX the peace of mind of every parent of college students will be gone.

He went on to add:

“No father or mother should drop their kid off this late August, early September at their first day at college and drive away worried [if she is] going to be safe. parents don’t drive away saying, Is she going to do all right in school? Is she academically qualified? Will she show up for class? How well is she going to do? That’s not the conversation going on. The conversation that’s going on is, is she going to be safe? That is an obligation of the school, and Title IX is the vehicle, and when Secretary DeVos by her silence didn’t affirm that rape and sexual assault are forms of sexual discrimination… God, if anything is sexual discrimination, it’s rape and assault. And that’s why schools have an obligation under Title IX to prevent this from happening.”

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