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Biden’s Eulogy At McCain’s Funeral Was A Giant Slap To Trump’s Face: Watch

Former Vice-President Joe Biden spoke at John McCain’s funeral where he delivered a touching eulogy.

Biden started off his speech by joking about his political party.

“My name’s Joe Biden. I’m a Democrat”, Biden said. “And I loved John McCain.”

Then, without saying his name, Biden took a jab at Donald Trump.

Noting that many acted as if “John came from a different age, lived by an ancient antiquated code where honor, courage, character integrity, duty — were obvious because that’s how John lived his life. The truth is John’s code was ageless, is ageless.”

“It wasn’t about politics” for McCain, Biden said. “He could disagree on substance, but it was the underlying values that animated everything John did, everything he was. You could come to a different conclusion, but where he’d part company with you is if you lacked the basic values of decency, respect.”

McCain’s story was “the American story, grounded in respect and decency. Basic fairness. The intolerance for the abuse of power.” Biden said. As if making a direct comparison to President Trump, Biden repeated that McCain “could not stand the abuse of power. Wherever he saw it, in whatever form, in whatever country.”

Biden went on to blast the current state of Washington and the people running it.

In the 1990s, Biden said, “it was always appropriate to challenge another senator’s judgment, but never appropriate to challenge their motive.”

“If I say you’re doing this because you are being paid off, if I say you’re doing this because you are not a good Christian, if I say you’re doing this because you are this, that, or the other thing, it’s impossible to reach consensus,” the former VP said.

Take a look at the video clip below:

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