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Joe Lieberman Just Got Terrible News

Joe Lieberman FBI


Joe Lieberman Just Got Terrible News

Former Senator Joe Lieberman, who became a pariah in his own party in 2008 when he not only endorsed the presidential bid of his GOP buddy, John McCain, but lambasted his own party’s nominee, Barack Obama, during a speech at the Republican Convention, was forced out of the running for FBI director.

He was taking out of the running for the FBI after news that he is partners at the same law firm as Marc Kasowitz, whom Trump is expected to hire as part of a team on matters related to the inquiry into his campaign’s alleged ties to Russia, CNN reports.

His long-time friend, GOP Sen. John McCain, said he was disappointed that Joe Lieberman was out consideration for FBI director and blamed Senate Democrats for killing his chances.

“My Democratic colleagues clearly did. This is their nominee for vice president of the United States,” he told CNN. “If anything to would make you cynical about this town, that’s it.”

But Democrats say they want someone running the FBI that isn’t political.

“That’s what we think would be the best so we can get the type of traditional confirmation votes that would be near-unanimous that would be in the best interest of the morale of the FBI, of the Department of Justice and of the ongoing investigation,” Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin said.

He added that Lieberman’s connection with Trump unqualified him for the role to run the FBI.

“It would be hard to see an associate of the law firm that just was hired by the President to defend him, or to represent his interests is a better way of saying it…Would disqualify someone else from that firm being FBI director. So, yes, I think it disqualifies him.”

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