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John McCain’s Wife Just Fired Back At Trump With Perfect Response

Donald Trump has been going on multiple rants attacking the late Senator John McCain for reasons only he seems to know. But Trump’s attacks on the Vietnam War hero have not gone unanswered.

Both McCain’s daughter and widow have spoken out against the president over his attacks.

Trump’s latest attack came on Wednesday when he spoke in front of a group of employees at an Ohio military factory.

“So I have to be honest, I’ve never liked him much,” Trump said. “I really probably never will. But there are certain reasons for it.”

Meghan McCain, the daughter of the late senator, spent the last few days defending her father and politely criticizing Trump. On Wednesday she said that Trump had reached “a new, bizarre low – attacking someone who is not here is a new low.”

She also said, “If I had told my dad… he would think it is so hilarious that our president was so jealous of him that he was dominating the news cycle in death.”

Cindy McCain, the senator’s widow, also fired back at the president’s attacks.

She sarcastically urged her Twitter followers to “see how kind and loving a stranger can be” and shared with them an online message from someone who described John McCain as a “traitorous piece of warmongering shit and I’m glad he’s dead.”

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