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Journalist Reveals WH Advisers Were Trashing Scaramucci For His ‘Train Wreck’ CNN Interview

White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci already started off with some controversy. His inexperience in government shows, as does Donald Trump’s.

On Thursday Scaramucci made an appearance on CNN where he rambled on in what can only be described as a “train wreck” interview. What Scaramucci didn’t know is that members of the Trump White House were trashing him behind his back.

According to Bloomberg reporter Josh Green, members of the White House spoke to him via text and email and told him how much of a “car crash” the interview was.

“I was texting and e-mailing with White House officials saying what does it look like on the inside,” Green said. “One adviser messaged back to me saying ‘this is a car crash.’”

“The idea that stunts like this are going to lock down the leaks, shut them off, I think is probably wrong,” Green continued.

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