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Journalist Shares Hard Evidence As To Why Trump Ignites Violence Against Reporters

Donald Trump claims to be this calm guy that is completely against violence and he believes he’s a saint. But, Jared Yates, a journalist who has written for The New York Times and The New Republic, gave his reason as to why that’s not true.

Trump has a history of spreading violence. Since beginning his campaign race, Trump has urged his supporters to fight anyone who isn’t on the Trump train.

When Trump took office that rhetoric became worse. Trump kept igniting his supporters by calling the media “fake” while bullying those who report it.

On Monday, Yates took to Twitter to rant about the rising threat under Trump to journalists.

On Sunday after Trump’s CNN tweet, Jared wrote, “And for those who think there’s nothing behind Trump’s CNN gif today, I’ve been told twice in past hour I’ll be killed in a new Civil War. Trump may be hurling idle threats, and he’s not, but there are people, unhinged people, who are preparing for conflict.”

Trump knows what he’s doing, he knows he’s inviting violence and doesn’t seem to care much about it.

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