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Journalists Just Demanded The Media Stop Interviewing ‘Paid Liar’ Kellyanne Conway


Journalists Just Demanded The Media Stop Interviewing ‘Paid Liar’ Kellyanne Conway

Kellyanne Conway has said just about every lie in the book to cover for Donald Trump, each one seeming more and more ridiculous. In her recent interview with Meet the Press she made up a huge lie about what Sean Spicer had said, calling the lies “alternative facts.”

Top journalists and journalism professors are considering a serious boycott against interviewing Conway in the future.

Jay Rosen, one of the foremost media critics and journalism professors on the planet, was interviewed on Recode Media’s Monday’s podcast and had quite a few words to say about Conway.

“I don’t think the people interviewing Kellyanne Conway know what they are doing,” Rosen told Recode. “The journalistic logic of it is growing dimmer with every interview. The logic is, this is a representative of the president. This is somebody who can speak for the Trump administration. But if we find that what Kellyanne Conway says is routinely or easily contradicted by Donald Trump, then that rationale disappears.”

Conway also spoke with George Stephanopoulos about the women’s march and said she “didn’t see the point” to it.

“I frankly didn’t see the point. I mean, you have a day after he’s uplifting and unifying and you have folks here being on a diatribe where I think they could have requested a dialogue. Nobody called me and said, ‘Hey, could we have a dialogue?’”

Seems like she has no respect of people First Amendment rights.

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