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Joy Reid Breaks Into Laughter After Pro-Trump Analyst Defends Trump Jr With Ridiculous Excuse


Joy Reid Breaks Into Laughter After Pro-Trump Analyst Defends Trump Jr With Ridiculous Excuse

MSNBC host of AM Joy, Joy Reid, welcomed pro-Trump, ex-CIA analyst Fred Fleitz to her show, but couldn’t contain her laughter after he went crazy trying to defend Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting with a Russian lawyer.

Fleitz decided to pull out a picture of Rob Goldstone, the man who arranged the meeting between a Kremlin-linked lawyer and Donald Trump Jr, posing as a pirate.

“Here he is posing as a pirate. … The Russian government would never have used this guy or entrusted him with a sensitive intelligence operation. That simply didn’t happen.”

Frequent AM Joy guest Malcolm Nance had a few words to say after Fleitz showed the photos.

“I’m going to give Fred an assist here. He’s right: Rob Goldstone isn’t the kind of person that they would use as an asset. He is not the player in this game. He’s merely a communications conduit. What they would be using him for is to send an email to Donald Trump Jr., doing exactly what they wanted done at his bidding. … [Fleitz] should know, coming from the agency side, if you’re going to dangle intelligence out to somebody … you’re going to do it this way. … The Trump people were the fish who were jumping at that bait, and they jumped at it hard. They wanted it. They went to that meeting. They went there with the intent to get damaging information on Hillary Clinton knowing it came from the government of Russia. They are now culpable for everything they have done. This actually meets the standard of conspiracy. … Anybody who thinks Rob Goldstone is the main character, you’re wrong.”

But Fleitz kept defending the president’s son, no matter how ridiculous he sounded.

Fleitz said: “I think he was looking for opposition information but I don’t think anybody in this meeting thought that the Russian government was trying to help Mr. Trump win the presidency.”

Reid couldn’t help but laugh at his ridiculous excuse.

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