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Joy Reid Exposes The GOP And Trump: ‘He Is Going To Run On Essentially Saying This Is A White Country’

During a panel discussion on MSNBC on Friday, things got heated when Republican strategist Noelle Nikpour claimed that Donald Trump’s attack on four Congresswomen of color was just a one time deal and that his supporters know that. But MSNBC anchor Joy Reid reminded the audience that that is not the case.

“So Noelle, for Republicans, again the folks who were getting in touch with [Mike] Pence and saying ‘make Trump stop doing this,’ do they have to be ready now for the possibility Trump’s going to keep doing these rallies, he wants to run against these four congresswomen in particular, make them the face of the Democratic Party?” Host Steve Kornacki asked. “If the crowd starts chanting again, ‘send her back,’ ‘send them back,” doesn’t stop, is this going to be a feature of Trump rallies from here through 2020?”

“Nobody can get a handle on Trump,” Nikpour said. “I think you guys have been watching Trump long enough, along with the Republican Party, this is what Trump is.”

Despite that, she didn’t think the “send her back” chants would continue.

“I don’t think this is going to be a norm every rally with ‘send her back, send her back.’ ‘Lock her up’ was against Hillary Clinton and they were involved in a race. He is not running against all four of these,” Nikpour argued.

“Oh, yes, he is,” Reid interjected. “He absolutely is.”

“Donald Trump has decided to brand these four women as the enemy because they are immigrants. They are brown,” Reid said. “Donald Trump is racist, it’s an easy trope for him.”

“He is not going to stop,” she predicted. “And what the Republican Party now has to face is Donald Trump is going to run an openly white nationalist reelection campaign — full stop — that is the plan.”

“He is going to run on essentially saying this is a white country,” she added.

Take a look at the argument in the video clip below:

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