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Joy Reid Warns Trump’s Conflicts Of Interest Will Incite Terrorist Attacks On U.S. Soil

Donald Trump’s real estate business has brought up a few concerns due to the conflicts of interest. MSNBC’s Joy Reid explains there are even larger concerns at play.

“We cannot discount how his personal conflicts of interest wind up influencing his foreign policy,” she said on “Meet The Press” Sunday. “We don’t know to what international banks he is in debt. We don’t know the extent to which his own pecuniary interests might influence his foreign policy, if his children are still running his company and there’s a hotel to be built in Dubai, does that influence his reaction if the government of Dubai acts in a way we don’t want, in Turkey or other countries.”

With all this being said, it is terrifying to think about the ability for terrorist to target the U.S.. They will go after any place that has the name TRUMP on it and that should raise a huge red flag that the president-elect needs to pay attention to.

“You start to have anything with a Trump name on it around the world becoming an instant terrorist target,” Reid said, citing a Republican strategist who revealed that concern. “How do we react to a world in which the name of the president of the United States is plastered all over hotels and hot spots?”

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