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Justice Ginsburg Returns To Bench After Suffering Cracked Ribs: Report

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg on Monday returned to her post after suffering from three cracked ribs after falling.

According to ABC News, Ginsburg sat down for her first oral arguments on Monday for the first time since suffering from her fall earlier this month.

Following her incident, Trump took to Twitter to attack Ginsburg instead of showing any kind of sympathy and urged her to resign. But Ginsburg has other plans and won’t let Trump replace her seat.

After a brief hospital stay, Ginsburg returned to her office and to her vigorous workouts with her personal trainer just days later.

Ginsburg is a survivor. She has suffered from cracked ribs before and has even survived two bouts of cancer.

The justice, who has been described as “tough as nails,” has become a pop culture icon in addition to being the oldest member of the Supreme Court.

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