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Justice Served: Judge Drops Hammer On White Cop Who Killed His Daughter’s Black Boyfriend

A former police officer from Oklahoma has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for killing his daughter’s black boyfriend during a senseless racist attack, the Huffington Post reported Monday.

Fifty-seven-year-old Shannon Kepler, who is white, shot and killed Jeremy Lake, 19, in 2014 after his 18-year old adoptive daughter had become involved with Lake. He was a Tulsa, OK police officer at the time.

After the incident, Kepler claimed he was trying to protect his daughter after she ran away to a crime-ridden neighborhood, and that he shot Lake in self-defense after seeing Lake was armed. However, Police never found a weapon on Lake or at the scene to back up the claim. Witnesses said Lake was unarmed.

Kepler’s daughter, Lisa, told authorities her parents had kicked her out of the family home and dropped her off at a homeless shelter a week or two before the killing because she had been acting out. It was at the shelter she met Lake, a volunteer there, who offered to let her stay with him at his aunt’s house.

Prosecutors said Kepler began scouring Facebook to find out where Lisa was. He tracked Lake’s address and drove there in his SUV. Lisa Kepler and Lake had just returned from feeding the homeless when they saw Kepler’s vehicle at the Lake property,

After her father asked her what she was doing there with Lake, Lisa said she wanted to go into the house, and began to do so. It was at this point, when her back was turned, that Kepler shot Lake and drove off.

When a jury found Kepler guilty last month, it was the one jury he’d faced over the course of a year. Three previous trials resulted in a hung jury. During those first three trials, there was only one black juror — and civil rights activists said the defense had worked to stack the juries with white people who would be reluctant to send a police officer to jail.

This time, however, justice was served.

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