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Justin Amash Just Went After ‘Inherently Corrupt’ Trump Again In Brutal Twitter Storm

Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) went after Donald Trump again on Thursday when he took to Twitter to bash the president and his efforts to obstruct justice “inherently corrupt.”

During his tweetstorm, Amash noted all the criminal activities that have been committed by not only Trump but his people as well.

Amash explained how special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 election describes “a consistent effort by the president to use his office to obstruct or otherwise corruptly impede the Russian election interference investigation because it put his interests at risk.”

Amash then argued that Trump was clearly trying to stop investigations that would go on the implicate many of his associates, including former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and estranged “fixer” Michael Cohen.

“The investigation threatened to uncover information, including criminal activity, that could put Trump’s interests at risk,” he wrote. “Ultimately, the investigation did uncover very unflattering information about the president, his family, his associates, his campaign, and his business.”

The Republican lawmaker also noted that Trump instructed his associates to not cooperate with investigators and or be untruthful.

“Manafort ultimately breached an agreement to cooperate with investigators, and Cohen offered false testimony to Congress, including denying that the Trump Tower Moscow project had extended to June 2016 and that he and Trump had discussed traveling to Russia during the campaign,” he wrote. “Both men have been convicted for offering false information, and Manafort’s lack of cooperation left open some significant questions, such as why exactly he provided an associate in Ukraine with campaign polling data, which he expected to be shared with a Russian oligarch.”

The bottom line, said Amash, is that “some of the president’s actions were inherently corrupt” and “other actions were corrupt — and therefore impeachable — because the president took them to serve his own interests.”

Take a look at his Twitter thread below:

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