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Kaepernick Just Completely Humiliated Trump In Response To His Criticism

Donald Trump always seems to go low. His latest attack was on NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Trump attacked Kaepernick stating that NFL owners don’t want to sign the quarterback because they’ll get a nasty tweet from him.

Kaepernick responded to Trump’s criticism in a very classy and thoughtful manner. He donated $50,000 of his own money to another Trump target: the widly-popular Meals on Wheels program.

As Trump rallies up his dumb supporters and insults American citizens, there are people out there like Kaepernick that are doing good for the world.

Trump shouldn’t be attacking the football star, but instead he should show him off as an example of what people should do.

We’re lucky to have people like Kaepernick supporting a program that feeds 2.4 million Americans.

Trump is just a joke to all world leaders around the world. He’s making America look like a circus, and the worst thing is that he actually thinks he’s making this country great.

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