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Kaepernick Makes Giant Impact In The Community, Donates $1 Million From Nike Earnings To Charity

Colin Kaepernick put his NFL career on the line when he decided to take a knee during the national anthem before games in protest to the racial injustice in America. This caused Kaepernick to lose his job as a football player back in 2016, but it hasn’t stopped him from making an impact off the field.

After finding himself without a roster spot in 2017, Kaepernick used his time to fight for social justice and education. In the past year, Kaepernick has donated over a million dollars to charities to help with the issues he has been protesting.

The former quarterback made a pledge to donate a million in the span of a year and he has done exactly that. By January of this year, Kaepernick had donated $10,000 to ten different charities.

And Kaepernick isn’t stopping there. His new ad campaign with Nike is part of a bigger picture to raise funds for his “Know Your Rights” campaign. According to reports, Nike will be donating money to Kaepernick’s campaign, which aims to “raise awareness on higher education, self-empowerment, and instruction to properly interact with law enforcement in various scenarios.”

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