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Kamala Harris Slam Dunks Donald Trump — Yes, It Was Brutal

On Tuesday, Democratic Senator Kamala Harris appeared on “The View” where she called out Donald Trump for pushing a “propaganda” based on lies in order to get his border wall.

Harris decided to fact-check the president’s lies about immigration.

“We have to keep speaking truth, there’s no question,” she said. “When faced with a lie, we have to speak truth.”

The Democratic Senator then said that the Trump administration continues to use the same strategy by fearmongering his base as they did prior to the midterms.

“We’re two years into an administration that has proven itself that there are statements that are being made that are simply just not the truth, and are frankly — and are frankly often, especially leading up to the midterm, pardon the term, propaganda,” she said. “We have to call it what it is, and again, the American public deserves better. We have enough problems, one doesn’t need to create a problem.”

“This issue is about a vanity project for this president, and it is a problem of his own making,” Harris added. “Listen, when I travel this country, folks have plenty enough problems that they need their president to focus on instead of a wall.”

“By the way, because I was a prosecutor for many years, including the attorney general of California, (and) I specialized on transnational criminal organizations,” she continued. “That wall ain’t gonna stop them.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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