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Katy Tur Just Called Out Ted Cruz On Live TV For Voting Against Hurricane Funding Prior To Harvey

MSNBC’s Katy Tur took a jab at Republican Senator Ted Cruz on Monday while speaking to him about Hurricane Harvey.

The MSNBC host called out Cruz for his history of voting against federal aid for hurricanes.

“Can you guarantee that they will get that aid and they will get the aid that they need?” she wondered.

Tur then continued by reminding Cruz that he had fought funding for hurricanes in the northeast.

“[Northeast Republicans] are pointing at you and they’re saying, ‘You’re asking for money now when you weren’t willing to help the people in the Northeast?’” Tur charged.

Cruz tried changing the subject by saying it was the wrong time to discuss disaster funding, while also accusing his colleagues of “political sniping.”

“It’s not really political sniping, Senator,” Tur interrupted. “These are people who needed money and needed funding right after that storm. I covered those people. Many of them, just like those in Houston, lost absolutely everything they owned.”

Watch the confrontation below:

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