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Kavanaugh May Intervene And Keep Mueller From Interviewing Witness In Russia Probe

Andrew Miller, who is an associate of former Trump advisor Roger Stone, is fighting a subpoena to appear before special counsel Robert Mueller’s grand jury and claims that now that Brett Kavanaugh is in the Supreme Court he will help his case.

Miller, who is currently in contempt of court for refusing to submit to questions under oath before the grand jury in the Washington, D.C. area, said during a radio interview with Stone ally Michael Caputo that he’s happy Kavanaugh was confirmed because he could be an “good ally.”

“I’m not a criminal. I’m a witness,” Miller said in the interview. “So why am I being dragged across the country? I don’t live in the Northeast. They’re the ones who get paid to do this. Why is he not flying to me?”

According to reports, Miller would have his travel paid for with included daily compensation.

Caputo told Miller that he had his attorneys fight the subpoena and try to get Mueller removed on “constitutional grounds.”

Miller’s lawyer spoke about Kavanaugh helping them out.

“He would be a good ally because he has talked about these cases before in terms of presidential power and also limiting the power of the government in many cases and he’s also written about this very issue of the constitutionality of the independent counsel,” Miller’s lawyer said. “He’d be a great justice to rule on the case.”

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