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Keith Olbermann Just Torched ‘President-Elect P**sy-Grabber’ With Blistering Call For ‘Resistance’

“The evil is unfolding, like it or not,” Keith Olbermann declared, referring to Donald Trump Wednesday, in a recent segment of GQ video series. He also asked if whether we should give the president-elect a chance. It didn’t take long for the former MSNBC news anchor to reach a conclusion.

“Give him a chance? What, in the hope that he will someday grow up enough to be able to see over the top of the Oval Office desk? We do not have time for the White House edition of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ starring President-Elect Pussy-Grabber.”

Instead, Olbermann offered to lead the peaceful, lawful charge with a clear call to action: “We will resist,” he declared.

Wath the video below:

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