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Kellyanne Conway Calls Herself A ‘Powerful Woman’ And Threatens To Investigate Reporter’s Personal Life


White House counselor Kellyanne Conway was being interviewed by the Washington Examiner this week when things went off the rails. Conway lashed out at the reporter conducting the interview and threatened to investigate their personal life.

The trouble began after Examiner reporter Caitlin Yilek received a call from Tom Joannou, who serves as Conway’s personal assistant, to complain about a story she’d written that included mentions of husband George Conway, who is one of Trump’s biggest critics.

Joannou asked Yilek if the conversation could be off the record, and she agreed.

But according to reports, Kellyanne Conway yanked the phone from Joannou and started haranguing Yilek.

Because she had only agreed to stay off the record with Joannou, the conversation with Conway was now on the record.

“Let me tell you something, from a powerful woman,” Conway said. “Don’t pull the crap where you’re trying to undercut another woman based on who she’s married to. He gets his power through me, if you haven’t noticed. Not the other way around.”

Later in the interview, Conway threatened to launch investigations into Yilek’s personal life.

“Listen, if you’re going to cover my personal life, then we’re welcome to do the same around here,” she said. “If it has nothing to do with my job, which it doesn’t, that’s obvious, then we’re either going to expect you to cover everybody’s personal life or we’re going to start covering them over here.”

You can read more about the interview HERE.

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