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Kellyanne Conway Changes Twitter Bio After Husband Calls Trump Administration a ‘Shitshow’


Kellyanne Conway Changes Twitter Bio After Husband Calls Trump Administration a ‘Shitshow’

White House counselor and ‘alternative facts’ evangelist Kellyanne Conway has changed her Twitter bio on Friday after her husband’s most recent criticism of President Donald Trump.

“The ‘Kellyanne Conway’ in ‘Kellyanne Conway’s Husband,’” Conway’s Twitter bio read Friday.

The change comes after a number of media reports seized on a podcast appearance by Conway’s husband, George Conway, in which he said he would rather “move to Australia” than vote for Trump again.

George Conway appeared on the Yahoo News podcast “Skullduggery,” which was released Friday.

Trump was the “lesser evil” compared to Clinton during the 2016 election, George Conway, who has become one of Trump’s most a vocal public critic of his wife’s boss, said on the podcast.

“I don’t know. I don’t know,” he said. “If faced with the choice again, I’d probably move to Australia,” he added.

Conway also described the Trump administration as a “shitshow in a dumpster fire.”

“The administration is like a shitshow in a dumpster fire,” George Conway said as he explained why allegedly rejected a job at the Justice Department as chief of the civil division in the early days of Trump’s presidency.

George Conway also captured headlines earlier this week after he announced he was organizing a group to encourage fellow conservative lawyers to speak out against the Trump administration.

“We believe in the rule of law, the power of truth, the independence of the criminal justice system, the imperative of individual rights and the necessity of civil discourse,” the group, Check and Balances, said in a mission statement. “We believe these principles apply regardless of the party or persons in power.”

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