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Kellyanne Conway Defies Congressional Subpoena, Does Not Show Up At House Oversight Hearing

Kellyanne Conway Defies Congressional Subpoena

In another blatant act of lawlessness by the Trump administration, White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway on Monday defied a congressional subpoena, refusing to show up for testimony to the House Oversight and Reform Committee about her violations of the Hatch Act.

In a letter to Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), the chairman of the panel, White House Counsel Pat Cipollone asserted the Trump administration’s long-standing view that current and former White House officials are “absolutely immune” from congressional testimony, writing: “Ms. Conway cannot be compelled to testify before Congress.”

“Because of this constitutional immunity, and in order to protect the prerogatives of the Office of the President, the President has directed Ms. Conway not to appear at the Committee’s scheduled hearing on Monday, July 15, 2019,” Cipollone continued.

Cummings previously issued the subpoena after the White House blocked Conway from appearing before the committee voluntarily.

The U.S. Office of Special Counsel, the federal agency that oversees Hatch Act compliance, cited Conway last month for multiple violations of the 1939 law, which prohibits government employees from participating in political speech while performing their official duties. The Democrat-led Oversight Committee has been looking into the issue.

OSC chief Henry J. Kerner testified before the committee last month, calling her a repeat offender of the Hatch Act. His formal report on Conway’s violations recommended that President Donald Trump fire her; Trump has instead defended Conway.

In his report, Kerner said Conway violated the Hatch Act when she spoke multiple times about the 2020 presidential race, in addition to the Alabama Senate election in 2017.

“Ms. Conway’s advocacy against the Democratic candidates and open endorsement of the president’s re-election effort during both official media appearances and on her Twitter account constitute prohibited personnel activity under the Hatch Act,” Kerner wrote.

Conway has publicly pushed back against the OSC’s claims that she violated the Hatch Act multiple times. Her failure to show up for a hearing last month led the committee to authorize Cummings to issue a subpoena to compel her testimony. Now she is at risk of being arrested for defying a congressional subpoena.

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