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WATCH Kellyanne Conway’s Embarrassing Descent Into Discredited Trump Mouthpiece

Let’s face it: Donald Trump is a malignant narcissist whose self-obsession is so profound and unrelenting that he can tell lie after lie without even knowing he’s doing it. It’s entirely possible he truly believes the bullshit that regularly comes out of his mouth. Kellyanne Conway, however, is a different story.

Conway knows full well she’s lying when she does it, since she’s doing it deliberately —she simply doesn’t care. Keep that in mind when you consider her latest, by far most surreal and jaw-dropping whopper, the supposed “Bowling Green Massacre” she created out of thin air then used as a cudgel to beat the media for its lack of coverage of a non-existent story about a thing that never happened.

But let’s cut to the video below where CNN documents Conway’s embarrassing descent into a discredited Trump mouthpiece:

Video via Mediamatters.

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