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Kellyanne Conway Shows Up On Fox To Demand Civility, Says Trump’s Violent Rhetoric Doesn’t Count

Appearing on Fox and Friends on Wednesday, White House counselor and alternative facts guru Kellyanne Conway became the latest Trump official to call for civility in politics, while it is not fair to compare President Donald Trump’s rhetoric to that of liberals.

During an interview on Fox News, host Ainsley Earhardt asked Conway to respond to Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) call, who called to nonviolently harass White House officials if they support immoral policies.

“It’s really hitting a fever pitch,” Earhardt said. “And now we learn this morning that Sarah Sanders is going to get Secret Service protection at her house.”

“There’s a difference between rhetoric and the social media muscle and cable news cojones that some people have and crimes,” Conway replied. “People are inciting or asking for crimes or violence.”

She continued: “This is not insulting or all the stuff we’re used to around here. Insulting what somebody said or how they looked or where they work or what they wear. This is calling for something much deeper.”

The alternative facts evangelist claimed that media executives should pay “very close attention to what’s being said by some of their commentators and some of their writers, people who are print reporters now, have cable news contracts are obviously on social media all day.”

“They get away with saying things there that you would not be able to get past and editor’s desk,” the president’s counselor complained.

Conway also pointed to a congressional intern who was suspended after cursing at Trump.

After divulging the intern’s name, Conway claimed that the suspended staffer was being “deified on the left, the socialist left.”

“I talked to the president this morning — he says hello — I can promise you on his behalf, that if a White House intern here this summer ever said anything like that so an elected official, let alone the president of the United States — the F-word followed by the name… I guarantee you that person would be gone,” Conway remarked. “And so we’re not even sending the right message by having the punishments fit the, not just rhetoric.”

Conway concluded by insisting that there “is no moral equivalence” between Trump calling for violence at campaign rallies and liberals — like Rep. Waters — who called on supporters to protest Trump.

Watch the video below via Fox News.

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