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Kellyanne Conway’s New Wave Of ‘Alternative Facts’ Are Ridiculous

Keyllanne Conway always looks quite silly when defending Donald Trump and his administration. This time it was no different. Conway said during an interview with Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” on Friday that Hillary Clinton is “one of the only people” who still believes the Russia collusion narrative.

“I mean, we were promised systemic, hard evidence of systemic, sustained, furtive collusion that not only interfered with our election process but indeed dictated the electoral outcome. And, one of the only people who says that seriously these days is still Hillary Clinton, and nobody believes it. We know why she lost. It’s obvious.”

Conway went on to suggest that the collusion is nothing more than a conspiracy theory.

She then went on to say that the investigation on Russia’s ties to the Trump campaign were pointless.

“So, again, what kind of money are we going to spend by the taxpayers having these infinite investigations, and there are many of them. If we’re going to do that, fine, I suppose,” she said. “But we really need to spend our time, also, telling people what’s being done here for them.”

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