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Ken Starr Has Devastating Message For Trump: ‘There Will Be Hell To Pay’ If He Fires Mueller

Kenneth Star, a former U.S. Solicitor General who became a household name in American politics as the independent counsel during President Bill Clinton’s impeachment proceedings, said President Donald Trump would be ill-advised to get rid of special counsel Robert Mueller.

“I think that there would be hell to pay if the president fired Mueller or ordered the firing of Bob Mueller,” Starr said.

Starr’s warning came after Bloomberg’s David Westin asked him what the consequences would be if President Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and if he got rid of Mueller.

In the course of less than a month, the Mueller investigation scored three major wins.

First, after a 12-day trial, a jury found President Donald Trump’s ex-campaign manager, Paul Manafort, guilty on eight felony counts involving bank fraud and tax evasion. The judge declared a mistrial on 10 other counts that could, if the prosecution chooses, be retried later.

Second, Trump’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to eight felony counts involving one count of bank fraud, five counts of tax evasion and, crucially, two felony campaign-finance violations. These last two are critical because they directly implicate the president in a felony conspiracy. Even by current standards, this is not normal.

Third: Manafort entered into a plea deal agreement with Mueller, requiring full cooperation with the investigation.

Now, let that thought sink in for a moment. Michael Cohen knows about all the skeletons in Trump’s closet, and Manafort is now cooperating with Mueller.

For Trump, this is crunch time, and he is so desperate he could do anything, including firing Robert Mueller.

However, as Ken Starr says, he better think twice before making such a move.

Watch the full interview with Starr here ― His comments about Trump firing Mueller occur at about the 4:30 mark.

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