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Kentucky Woman Just Unleashed A Racist Rant On A Hispanic Family While Holiday Shopping

A woman just went on a racist rampage when another woman brought a few more items to the cash register while already checking out.

The unidentified woman was captured in a video posted on Renee Buckner’s Facebook account, which shows 90 seconds of full out racisms, as the woman kept ranting in front of a stunned crowd of shoppers at Jefferson Mall in Kentucky.

According to Buckner, the family was already checking out when a woman came up and added a few items. This is what triggered that other woman’s outburst, saying that she had to wait in line “like everyone else.”

But she did not stop there. Her outburst became more and more discriminative by the second. She yelled out things like:

“Go back to wherever the fuck you come from lady.”
“I bet everyone here thinks the same way I do.”
“Tell them to go back to where they belong. If they come here to live then act like everybody else.”
“You’re a nobodies (SIC). Just because you come from another country doesn’t make you nobody.”
“You’re probably on welfare, the taxpayers probably paid for all that stuff.”
“Speak English, you’re in America.”

And in an attempt to seem somewhat apologetic she went on to say:

“I’m sorry I’m that way, but you all need to realize you’re not the only ones around here.”

I mean what else can you expect from a country that elected a racist bigot to office. This is what living in Trump’s America looks like, and it isn’t pretty.

You can watch the video here.

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