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Kushner Has Been Busted For Conspiring A Coverup

Jared Kushner could be drowning in deep waters. A new report by Mother Jones’ David Corn and Dan Friedman revealed new information about former White House communications director Hope Hicks’s testimony to Congress that could land Kusner in prison for being part of a cover up.

According to Corn and Friedman, Hicks told Congress that she had initially lied when she said in December 2016 that there had been no contact between members of the Trump campaign and Russian government officials because she had consulted with multiple White House officials who told her a meeting never occurred.

Those officials included Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon — and Jared Kushner.

What stands out about that statement is that Kushner attended a meeting with Russian officials with the expectation that they would deliver dirt on Hillary Clinton. That means that Kushner directly lied to Hicks when she asked him about contacts with Russians.

“Kushner was certainly aware that there had been contacts between Russia and the Trump campaign — and he presumably knew it would be false to claim, as Hicks did, that there had been none,” write Corn and Friedman. “So if Hicks’ testimony is accurate — that she checked with Kushner on her blanket denial—that would mean that Kushner misled her and that he bears responsibility for one of the biggest lies Trump and company told.”

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