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Kushner Says ‘People Are Sick Of’ Trump Being Investigated: ‘He’s Unimpeachable’


Barak Ravid of Israel’s Channel 13 News interviewed White House senior advisor Jared Kushner this week and asked about the impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump.

Kushner claimed that the president is “unimpeachable,” adding that “he hasn’t done anything wrong.”

“…at this point, they investigated him over and over and over again. I think the American people are sick and tired of it,” Kushner said.

“While they focus on that, the president’s record of accomplishments is unimpeachable, and he’s going to continue to do the things that the American people care about,” he continued. “In Congress, if they want to be part of the work we’re doing to try to make the country stronger and the country more prosperous, they’re welcome to join us. If they want to play silly games, we’ll obviously deal with that in an appropriate manner, but we’re not going to let that distract us as an administration.”

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