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Lawmaker: Info In Classified CIA Document Warrants Election Do-Over


Lawmaker: Info In Classified CIA Document Warrants Election Do-Over

60 House Democrats. alongside civil rights activist John Lewis, decided to boycott Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday after Lewis said Trump was not a legitimate president.

The remarks came after an unfair election that put a man in the highest office because of a Russian interference during the election.

One of the Democrats that did attend the inauguration was Maryland House member Elijah Cummings, who defended the 60 Democrats decision to boycotting it.

He said in an interview with CNN that “If the public knew what members of Congress knew[about the Russian hacks] … Then the public will fully understand.”

SeriusXM Progress held an interview with Democratic Congressman Mark Pocan, who went on to give his reasons why he decided to not show up to the inauguration. One of his reasons was due to the CIA classified briefings.

He stated that “almost all of this will slowly come out as more investigations happen but I think there’s a part that really was at the core of what John Lewis was trying to say. When he said that Donald Trump was not a legitimate president — I don’t want to put words in his mouth, but I think he was referring to that there are grave questions as to whether or not this was a legitimate election.”

Pocan was referring to information that has not yet been released to the public. Something beyond what the New York Times reported last week about the FBI investigation of Trump’s staff having direct contact with Russian officials. He also stated that if other democracies would have an election do-over if the same activities that are reported in the CIA documents occurred.

“When you see the full of extent of this,” he said, “it’s clearly a very troubling situation. And I think in other countries, from what I understand, if this stuff would have come out, I think they probably would have redone the election. We don’t really have something necessarily in our laws to really look at it the same way given what’s out there. But the fact that [Donald Trump] has so flippantly dismissed the intelligence community — you know I’ve read this, and he’s seen the same thing I’ve seen, and he’s being disingenuous in his response.”

You can listen to the whole podcast below:

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