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Lawmakers Looking At The 25th Amendment Over Trump’s Mental Health

President Donald Trump’s bizarre behavior is sending shockwaves of concerns across the nation as a growing number of lawmakers and mental health professionals are openly questioning President Trump’s mental health.

One of those lawmakers, Oregon Congressman Ed Blumenauer, is so concerned about Trump’s “erratic behavior” that he wants to revise the 25th Amendment in case the president demonstrates that he does not have the ‘mental and emotional capacity’ to do his job.

“For a mentally unstable, paranoid or delusional president, we need to look at the 25th Amendment, Blumenauer said in a speech this week on the House floor but added that “there’s no guarantee of its application.”

The Portland lawmaker is one of several Democrats worried that Trump’s unsupported statements about large-scale voter fraud and other issues are a reflection of his mental state.

Rep. Ted Lieu of California is working on legislation that would psychiatrist or psychologist to be on hand at the White House, The Hill reported.

Senator Bernie Sanders has called Trump a pathological liar and. “He lies a lot,” the Vermont Senator said. “That is not the norm for a president of the United States or actually for a human being.”

Sen. Al Franken from Minnesota, revealed on a TV program that some Republicans in Congress have told him privately that Trump’s “not right mentally.”

The 25th amendment says in part that the vice president and “a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide” can demand the president’s removal from office if they decide he is “unable to discharge the powers and duties.”

Blumenauer said in a Wednesday op-ed published on that the amendment has inherent flaws that “need to be addressed.”

“The amendment’s default decision-makers — the vice president and the cabinet — have a natural bias toward the existing officeholder that would make them reluctant to acknowledge the president’s inability to serve,’ he said.

“Additionally, in the case of a president who is suffering from mental illness and is emotionally unstable or irrational, there is no fail safe to prevent him or her from simply firing the entire cabinet to prevent the application of the amendment.”

Blumenauer called attention to the issue again later that day on the House floor.

“Like many people, I’ve noticed renewed interest in the 25th Amendment, as we’ve seen erratic behavior out of the White House and inability of Donald Trump to even tell whether it rained on him during his inaugural speech and repeating false statements that are demonstrably wrong,” the Democrat said, according to Daily Mail.

The Congressman has proposed a “fail-safe” measure to ensure impartiality, should observers determine the president is “emotionally unstable” – a panel comprised of living presidents and vice presidents.

“We need to have a mechanism that can be reliable, command public confidence and be above politics,” he said.

Well, bases on what I’ve seen over the las few months, I think you don’t need to be a mental health professional to see that Donald Trump is a delusional degenerate, KKK racist bigot, insane nazi, pathological liar, narcissistic psychopath/sociopath, sexual predator, misogynistic and bonafide imbecile.

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