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Leaked Report: Expert Warns Nearly One-Third Of The Country Will Be Infected With COVID-19

The American Hospital Association was warned by an expert to brace themselves for “96 million Americans” to be infected with the COVID-19 coronavirus, according to a new leaked report obtained by Business Insider.

According to a leaked presentation from the American Hospital Association, the endgame could be as high as 96 million Americans infected with coronavirus, with those cases leading to 4.8 million hospitalizations and 480,000 deaths.

To put that into perspective, the United States’ population is at 327 million. That means nearly a third of the population will be infected with the virus.

The AHA has stated that the slide is reflective of the presenter’s views, rather than their own.

“The AHA regularly hosts webinars and conference calls that include a variety of voices and opinions that seek to provide relevant information to professionals at hospitals and health systems that are on the front lines of preparing for and protecting their patients and communities,” said an AHA spokeswoman to Business Insider. “The slides you shared reflect the various perspectives of field experts and should not be attributed to the AHA.”

You can read more on the report HERE.

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