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‘Leave It To Law Enforcement’: NYPD Commissioner Blasts Trump For Wanting To Arm Teachers

Donald Trump’s idea of arming teachers as a solution for mass school shootings has been criticized by the majority of Americans, including NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill who blasted the president’s idea on Friday.

“Let teachers teach,” O’Neill said, according to the New York Daily News.

“Having a gun is a big responsibility,” he continued. “You have issues of safeguarding the weapon, you have issues of training. This is what law enforcement does and you should leave it to law enforcement to protect the children of the city.”

Trump claimed that teachers should carry weapons in order to stop school shootings, adding that the ones who do should receive “a bit of a bonus.”

O’Neill shut down Trump’s idea and referred to his city’s school safety officers as a “great program on how to keep the children in the 1,400 schools in New York City safe.”

“We have school safety officers — and there are 5,300 of them — and we have a uniformed task force,” O’Neill said. “Not only that, every precinct has Neighborhood Coordination Officers that work with the students and teachers in every school.”

“We have to make sure we have a good plan and New York City has a great plan,” he said.

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