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Liam Neeson: Mueller Probe Will Expose The Truth About Trump-Russia Ties


Liam Neeson: Mueller Probe Will Expose The Truth About Trump-Russia Ties

Actor Liam Neeson, whose latest film focuses on the Watergate scandal, sees striking similarities between Nixon’s distrust of critics and President Donald Trump’s actions.

In the film, “Mark Felt”, Neeson plays the high-ranking FBI official who was a key source for Washington Post stories that helped lead to President Richard Nixon’s downfall in “Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House .” Felt was the No. 2 official at the FBI and his identity as the source known as Deep Throat was unknown until 2005.

While promoting the film in Toronto, the award-winning actor told The Associated Press that there are clear parallels between Nixon and Trump.

“Nixon felt: let’s circle the wagons. Everybody was an enemy that wasn’t on his side. We’re certainly seeing that with President Twitter in Chief. If you’re not with me, you’re against me,” the actor told The Associated Press in a recent interview.

Donald Trump and several of his allies are entangled in investigations into whether the billionaire’s campaign sought help from Russian operative during last year’s presidential campaign.

Former FBI director Robert Mueller, who was appointed a special counsel to investigate several facets of the campaign and Trump’s associates, is probing potential coordination between Russia and the Trump campaign and his team has sought a broad batch of records and interviews with current and former White House officials. The scope of his investigation is still expanding.

Neeson said he expects Mueller’s probe will be successful.

“I do think the truth is going to come out,” Neeson said. “I think it will be Robert Mueller. He’ll just keep chipping away.”

Neeson’s film, “Mark Felt” is out in limited release on Friday, according to AP.

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