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Lifelong Conservative Bashes Trump As She Endorses Dems In 2020

Writing for the Wall Street Journal, conservative columnist Peggy Noonan went after Donald Trump and encouraged Democrats to do whatever they can to win the presidency in 2020.

Noonan admitted that she had given Trump a chance to govern but she has since lost all hope in the president and it is now time for him to go.

“Trump supporters have long held, and deeply believe, that none of the people in what they call the swamp were ever anything but unalterably opposed to him and meant, from day one, to remove him by whatever means possible,” Noonan began. “This was true of about half of official Washington. They were predominately Democrats, though there were Republicans too, and certainly, the media were against him, overwhelmingly.”

“But the other half of official Washington, though to varying degrees disapproving of Trump, often for reasons that were almost aesthetic, was willing to be surprised. They were open to persuasion. They didn’t say this but they thought it. They’d give him time and watch events closely,” she continued, adding, “Pretty quickly and to the entire edifice of Washington, it became clear Donald Trump was not a Jacksonian shock to the system, which is what his supporters think he was. He was a daily system overload, a one-man frying of the grid.“

Despite not being in favor of impeaching Trump, she did endorse the idea of Trump being defeated in 2020 by a Democrat.

“We elect a president in 2020. Democrats would be wise to spend the next year showing America that their party is capable of governing, up to leadership, that its ideas are not crazy but pertinent, that it actually has a philosophy,” she wrote. “Seriousness and calm would be nice, and after the past few years would serve as a welcome counterpoint. There is an unarticulated wish out there to return to some past in which things were deeply imperfect and certainly divided but on some level tranquil, and not half mad.”

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