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Lindsay Graham Suggests Its OK For Trump To Be Racist If The Person Disagrees With Him

Lindsay Graham defends says it's ok for Trump to be racist


Lindsay Graham Suggests Its OK For Trump To Be Racist If The Person Disagrees With Him

Over the past few months, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has said some incredibly absurd things, but he outdid himself on Thursday morning by suggesting that it’s ok for President Trump to be racist if the target of his attack is someone who disagrees with him politically, like a Democrat.

Graham, who has led the charge in defense of Trump’s boorish activities, including turning a blind eye to Trump’s attacks on the deceased Sen. John McCain, Graham’s purported friend, also said that immigrants are welcome in Trump’s America as long as they’re wearing MAGA hats.

Trump on Wednesday night led his supporters in a chant of “send her back” at a North Carolina rally, following an attack on Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), a U.S. citizen who came to America after escaping the civil war in Somalia.

Graham excused Trump’s racism the night before by indicating that Trump would not push to “send back” those who back him politically.

asked by reporters about Trump’s racist chant by reporters. He proceeded to “explain” Trump’s mindset.

“I’ve said before, that if you’re a Somali refugee wearing a MAGA hat, he doesn’t want to send you back, he’d probably want to have dinner at the White House,” Graham said.

Using Graham’s logic, Trump is free to lead racist chants and attacks on individuals if they disagree with him politically.

The South Carolina Republican is the latest in a line of Republican justifications for racist behavior, excusing Trump’s use of the presidential bully pulpit for vile and bigoted behavior.


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