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Lindsey Graham Just Called Out Donald Trump For Denying U.S. Intelligence

One of the people that have criticized Donald Trump that most for refusing to accept U.S. intelligence’s evidence that Russia intervened with the election is Republican Lindsey Graham.

Graham spoke to CNN on Wednesday to talk more on the subject. Saying that “it’s very disturbing” for Trump to take sides with Julian Assange over U.S. intelligence officials.


Graham was asked about the tweets and said they were “very disturbing, quite frankly.” He went on to speak about Assange and how he doesn’t have America’s interest at heart.

“Mr. Assange is a fugitive from the law, hiding in an embassy, who has a history of undermining American interests,” Graham said. “I hope no American will be duped by him. You shouldn’t give him any credibility.”

“This was done by the Russians, and I hope by Friday President-elect Trump comes to that realization and ignores Mr. Assange,” Graham said. “Not only should he ignore Julian Assange, he should condemn him for what he’s done to our country, putting our soldiers at risk, putting our foreign policy at risk. Julian Assange is no friend of America and he’s no friend of democracy.”

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