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Lindsey Graham’s Legacy Just Took A Turn For The Worse


Lindsey Graham’s Legacy Just Took A Turn For The Worse

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham did it again. He went against morality just to tend to Donald Trump. The South Carolina Republican said this week that Trump should go forward and use his emergency powers to build a border wall, even if it means “war” with the GOP.

Charleston, SC’s Post and Courier newspaper reported Monday that Graham is “not at all” worried about the consequences if Trump goes forward with the plan to declare a national emergency just to get his wall built.

“To me, this is within the power of every commander in chief,” the South Carolina Republican said.

Graham spoke about a potential second government shutdown over the wall.

“The best way to do this, if we can’t get a deal with Congress, is for the president to take money that’s already appropriated for national security, unobligated, and apply it to a border barrier,” the senator said. “I’m hopeful that we can do that without shutting down the government. I think shutting down the government does not enhance the cause of border security.”

But Republicans aren’t all on the same page.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) reportedly urged Trump not to use his emergency powers “out of concern it would divide the GOP and risk political blowback, including the possibility of Congress voting to disapprove of the emergency declaration.”

“Graham said he has not spoken directly to McConnell about the issue since then,” the Post and Courier added, “but called on his Republican colleagues to stick together in pursuit of the $5.7 billion in funding for wall, calling it the ‘defining moment’ of Trump’s presidency.”

The entire report can be read HERE.

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